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What is SMAARC?
SMAARC is a community which works with the goal to address the challenges faced in different industries, by designing pragmatic and innovative solutions that makes manufacturing a highly seamless and efficient process that brings significant value and goodwill
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SMAARC 2022 Evolving Industry 4.0
Date and Time: 22nd April, 3 PM IST Onwards
Venue : Sayaji Hotel, Pune
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Previous Events

The state of smart factory technology in 2020 Lincode, in association with CIO Association of India (CAI), and BrandWox, media partner, hosted SMAARC 2020, a conference on ‘The state of smart factory technology in 2020’. The conference marked the first public event of its kind held by SMAARC. The conference took place at the prestigious Leela Palace in Bangalore. Veterans from the manufacturing sector came together to connect, collaborate and share their expertise and perspectives on how the next generation of technology is revolutionizing manufacturing.

How Manufacturing Companies Are Preparing for a Post-COVID-19 World The first SMAARC virtual panel discussion was hosted on 21st April 2020. Delegates from the various sectors of manufacturing and healthcare were gathered to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted the manufacturing sector and how manufacturers are preparing themselves to restart their factory operations. The panel discussion also covered topics like, ‘Empowering workers while maintaining accountability’, Reducing operating expenses while preparing for growth’, and ‘Understanding and adapting to evolving consumer trends’ among others

Adopting The Manufacturing’s New NormalThe second edition of SMAARC webinar, virtual panel discussion on the changing trends in the manufacturing industry and how manufacturers must prepare to adopt the manufacturing’s new normal was held on 20th August, 2020. Industrial people from across the world joined the webinar to learn and discuss the existing challenges and ways to tackle them. Panel discussions on topics like, ‘Workforce crunch due to COVID-19’, ‘Challenges in manufacturing’, and ‘Supply chain management trends in post COVID-19 world’.

Augmenting Smart Manufacturing with AI, AR and Robotics for Better Productivity and Efficiency Experts and professionals from various industries were gathered via a virtual call for a panel discussion on how to augment smart manufacturing with AI, AR and Robotics for better productivity and efficiency. Discussions on topics like, ‘Importance of AI in manufacturing’s new normal’, Advantages of AR, and its role in Enhancing Employee Efficiency’, ‘Impact of Automation in MSMEs’, ‘Benefits of Robotics to the manufacturing industry’, and ‘Challenges faced in implementation of smart technologies’ followed by Q&A session were the main highlights of the webinar
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